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This new course is co-designed by Epione trainer, and professional lived expert, Aidan Martin, to enable unique insights to be shared to support all professionals working with people affected by alcohol/drug use and/or their families to strengthen awareness and understanding about trauma-informed practice.

Learning Outcomes

On completion to this training course, candidates will be able to
  • Understand trauma through a biopsychosocial lens, including the prevalence and impact of trauma for people who experience substance use problems
  • Adopt a strength based relational approach to explore key theoretical models of trauma informed practice
  • Gain insight into the importance of resiliency and relationships in supporting pathways to recovery
  • Understand the key trauma informed principles to collaborate and empower people who use substances to choose pathways to recovery that meets their needs


  • Understand how substances and trauma symptoms can impact each other
  • Gain a basic understanding of the neurobiology of trauma and substance abuse
  • Respect that people may adopt coping strategies that are a survival mechanism and maybe patterns that are entrenched and persistent
  • Understand why people who have been traumatised use long standing behavioural patterns to protect themselves and survive. Patterns that maybe patterns that are entrenched and persistent

Trauma Informed Training Courses

1 Day Trauma, Addiction & Recovery Course

31 Dec
Sun 09:00 - 16:00
From £100.00

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