The Connectere Programme (Latin for join together) is a trauma responsive intervention programme for men within the Justice system. The programme is a powerful, evidence-based programme which has been independently evaluated by Dr Briege Nugent and shown to “to have a significant positive impact, and even life changing” experience for men. It aims to promote wellbeing within communities and break the intergenerational cycle of trauma.

Developed in 2022 by Alex O’Donnell and Dr Dawn Harris and now under the aegis of Connectere Interventions, the programme was designed with lived experts with first-hand experience of trauma, recovery and the Justice system.

Connectere fully aligns with Community Justice Scotland priorities: to embed person-centred, trauma informed and trauma responsive practices at the heart of justice. As such, the programme also aims to help men with a history of trauma to heal and recover.

The Connectere Programme is multi-model and based upon neurophysiological and neurobiological principles. And, it draws upon the latest research and employs a compassion-focussed therapeutic approach interwoven with best trauma responsive practices for restoring the right sense of safety, trust and connection.

What’s included:

  • 1 printed copy of the programme manual
  • 1 electronic copy of the underpinning theory manual
  • 4 days training for candidates
  • Certification and licence to deliver as a therapeutic group work intervention in your organisation.
  • Tea/coffee and lunch provided each day of the training.
  • Initial support offered to aid implementation within your organisation.

The Connectere evaluation stipulates the programme delivery requires a minimum of 3 facilitators to ensure resiliency and programmatic integrity.

One person is required to undertake the 1 day supervisory course as and additional to the training programme package. Cost £1000.


Learning Outcomes

On completion to this training course (4th to 8th) at Glasgow Training Rooms, candidates will be able to
  • Understand the background and need for a trauma informed intervention in line with current policy
  • Understand the application of psychometrics and inclusion criteria for programme suitability
  • Understand the preparatory safety and stabilisation stage
  • Understand the content of each session and rhythm of the programme
  • Understand all the central neurobiological and neurophysiological theories that underpin the programme


  • Understand the programme sessions and application in practice delivery
  • Understand the candidates role in dynamic and creative trauma informed group facilitation
  • Understand key trauma informed principles and practices for restoring a safety, trust & connection
  • Understand the supervisory role to ensure programme integrity and fidelity
  • Understanding the role of community connection and empowerment

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