Who we are and what we do

Our training is approved by the British Psychological Society

Epione Training & Consultancy was formed in 2019 by Alex O’Donnell BA, MSc, PGDip, and Dr Dawn Harris. The organisation is led by a group of highly experienced trauma informed visionaries with proven clinical expertise and transformational methods of organisational change.

We specialise in providing trauma training throughout the United Kingdom. All core training aligns to the national trauma training framework, is grounded in clear learning objectives with robust independent evaluations demonstrating successful outcomes. We also specialise in trauma informed leadership and organisational transformation through our bespoke consultancy service.



Derek Johnston

Derek Johnston is the Director of Epione Training and Consultancy.
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Alex O'Donnell BA, MSc & PGDip

Co-Founder and Associate Director
Alex O’Donnell is the co-founder and Associate Director of Epione Training and Consultancy.
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Dr. Adam Burley

Lead Clinical Advisor
Dr. Adam Burley is as a consultant clinical psychologist with over twenty years experience.
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Epione Research
& Innovation Team

felicity douglas

Dr. Felicity Douglas

Felicity spent 20 years working in the field of forensic science before stepping away to focus on her writing
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Sean Morrow MSc

Sean Morrow MSc

Sean Morrow MSc is an educator and community & youth worker specialising in learning for social change
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Aneesh de Vos Doctorate (DProf) Psychological Trauma (student)

Aneesh de Vos is currently study for her (DProf) doctorate in Psychological Trauma at the University of Chester
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Epione Training
Delivery Team


Rachel Moss MSc

Rachael has a degree in Psychology and an MSc in Forensic Psychology
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Dr Dawn Harris

Dr Dawn Harris is the co-author and co- founder of Connectere Interventions with Alex O'Donnell
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Pauline Hurr MSc

Pauline Hurr MSc is a Clinical Associate in Applied Psychology
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Dr Alison McLaughlin

Counselling psychologist is a role that was perfectly aligned for Alison
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Maeve O’Boyle MA MSc

Maeve is A psychological therapist with specialism in young people
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Aidan Martin B.A, MSc & Writer

Intends to use writing, creating, and speaking to make a positive...
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Caroline Erentz

Caroline’s experience inspired her to pursue a career in the justice sector.
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How we achieve success

We do this by placing relationships at the heart of everything we do

Our model is to train and support organisational transformation through a person-centered biopsychosocial model that emphasises the importance of the interconnection between biology, psychology, and socio-environmental factors. This approach ensures the long-term success of our training and consultancy work.

We also achieve success through our team and their unique level of expertise and experience in the field of trauma; including colleagues from academic, practitioner and lived experience backgrounds that are trained in a wide range of teaching, coaching and therapeutic modalities.

The voice that matters

Epione prides itself in placing voices of lived experience at the heart of everything we achieve and work towards.

In addition to our positive recruitment policy celebrating lived expertise, we believe the successful “See Me – Hear Me” blog post illustrates this commitment perfectly: it allows people who’ve experienced trauma the opportunity to tell their stories, and it gives Epione and a wider audience the opportunity to recognise and understand the real-life impact of trauma.

Truly inspiring stories which prove that people can and do cope with trauma and in some cases, truly recover through compassionate relational connection.

Click here to read some of things our former trainees say about us.

Always improving

Although Epione is fully approved by the BPS (British Psychological Society) and CJS (Community Justice Scotland), we’re not content to rest on our laurels.

Epione regularly undertakes independent evaluation to make sure we remain at the very forefront of what we do, while at the same time always looking for new ways to improve.

Epione Trauma Training Timeline

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Alex O’Donnell and Dr Harris collaborate in supporting a national training transformation to implement a new therapeutic intervention programme. The programme adopts a compassion focused approach and understanding of the neurobiology of trauma to social workers, prison staff and psychologists; vis-a-vis people exhibiting harmful behaviours.

Building on the success of the national implementation spanning 3 years, further collaboration sees Alex and Dawn co-design and deliver a new national trauma training package, with support in the initial pilot and evaluation from Community Justice Scotland.

Demand for trauma training beyond justice settings means there’s only thing for it: Epione Training & Consultancy is formed by Alex and Dawn!

We plan and host our “What Works” Conference, featuring Dr Bruce D. Perry as keynote speaker. We made a commitment to building a trauma informed and responsive Scotland, that reduces the impact of causing system generated harm.

Another year goes by as we deliver trauma training across Scotland although we begin to shift focus towards organisational transformation. We host our online Keynote Special featuring Dr Alisha Moreland-Capuia to discuss transforming systems to be informed, culturally responsive, and neuroscientifically focussed.

In response to the global pandemic, we shift to online training with a particular emphasis on supporting workers who continued to deliver front line services.

We have now trained thousands of people across Scotland and  commission and external evaluation to establish if learning outcomes are being met and follow us study with regards changes in practice. See in our Evaluations section.

Epione is invited to Harvard University in the USA to provide a series of workshops and deliver educational inputs to students about our transformational work across Scotland.

Epione responds to requests, and emerging themes from external evaluations, and creates a new Research Team to assist with the development of a new trauma responsive intervention.

Epione has trained a thousands of people across a huge spread of agencies including Police, Health, Addiction, Social Work and many National Third Sector organisations. We  expands to develop a national training delivery team to continue our work.

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