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“See Me - Hear Me”

A blog for Epione & friends

The inspiration for this blog and its See Me – Hear Me name comes from our deep relational connection, collaboration and communication with people with lived experience of trauma: people who have endured and survived trauma; people who have learned to cope with their trauma; people who have overcome their trauma; people who want to share their stories of trauma; people who want to help other people learn to cope with their trauma; people who wish to break their silence and shatter any shame with the desire to be seen and heard, in some cases for the first time ever.

Epione has and always will hold the lived expert and survivor at the core of everything we do. In short, this blog is for people who need a safe space to tell their stories of healing and trauma recovery. A safe space in which they will amplify their authenticity by giving their voices a caring platform. A safe space that also serves to guide, to challenge and inform trauma informed and responsive practice in Scotland and beyond.

The life stories below come with a trigger warning and have been written by various people who have overcome, are in the process of recovering from, or have learned to cope with various traumatic experiences.

As the journey of coping with trauma can often be a daily challenge, it’s fair to say that for some of our bloggers, the process of recovery is still very much ongoing.

Epione would like to thank our amazing and incredibly generous contributors for taking the time and having the courage to share with us ‘what works’ for them.

The process of healing can be highly unique and often messy: there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all path of recovery when it comes to recovering from trauma. So, we simply ask that you read on with a compassionate mindset and give our bloggers the sense of being seen and heard that each and every single one of them deserves.

If you’d prefer to access these blogs in audio form, then click here to listen to a selection of stories.

If you’d like to share with us your experience of coping with trauma, recovering from trauma, or even how you’ve overcome your trauma, then please get in touch with us at – we look forward to hearing you and seeing you.

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