Ena Cesar – BSc (Hons.) Psychology, EWP CYP

Ena is a psychology graduate on a mission to understand and alleviate the profound impacts of trauma on individuals and communities. Her journey is fueled by a deep-seated conviction that understanding and addressing trauma is fundamental to fostering healing and resilience.

She aims to blend her academic and professional knowledge with lived experience and heartfelt aspirations to become a clinician & a researcher, contributing to the field of mental health, with a focus on creating a more inclusive and understanding world for neurodivergent people.

As a volunteer at a crisis text line and an emotional wellbeing practitioner for children & young people, Ena offers a listening ear and a voice of calm to those that feel trapped in the storm. With experience as a creator of educational content and social media management, she was able to add a creative flair to her knowledge. She has ventured into a variety of opportunities, both familiar and new, always driven by a desire to expand her views and gain a fuller perspective on people and life.

Her advocacy for an empathetic intersectional approach to care is solidly grounded in the latest research and best practices. She is devoted to weaving trauma-informed, compassionate principles into both interpersonal and therapeutic interactions. This dedication is not just a career path for Ena – it’s a moral imperative, guiding her to provide non-judgemental, shame-free support to trauma survivors. Her advocacy doesn’t stop at individual care; she believes systemic changes are necessary to recognise and address the pervasive impacts of trauma on a larger scale.

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