Overview and Purpose

The Scottish Government Survivor Scotland Strategies Outcomes & Priorities (2015-2017) recommended that NHS Education for Scotland (NES) develop a national trauma training framework. The Epione Trauma Enhanced Training course is designed to cover key learning outcomes in line with this framework to increase knowledge, skills & practice to maintain regular contact with people affected by trauma by providing support, advocacy, or interventions.

The overarching vision of the national trauma training group is to develop a trauma informed and responsive nation and workforce that:

  • recognises the importance of wellbeing in the workforce
  • recognises where people are affected by trauma and adversity
  • responds in ways that prevent further harm
  • supports recovery
  • and can address inequalities and improve life chances
  • is informed by people with lived experience

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding trauma through a biopsychosocial lens to comprehend prevalence and how we recognise, respond and resist re-traumatisation.
  • The link between trauma, symptomatology and engaging people who have long-standing protective patterns which create collisions with services.
  • Understanding human brain development and the neurobiology of trauma, including how to apply this in psychoeducational practice.
  • Understanding early childhood development, attachment and triggers to apply self-regulation models and other individually tailored techniques to support grounding and coping with hyper and hypo aroused states.
  • Understanding the concept of adverse childhood and community experiences, the biology of stress, and links to poor health outcomes.

Trauma Training Enhanced Practice

  • How to apply compassionate enquiry and trauma informed responses with spontaneous disclosure.
  • Understanding interpersonal difficulties and working within CFT framework to strengthening resilient factors and relational health to aid recovery.
  • Understanding and developing a plan to introduce TIP principles in all aspect of the workplace, policy and practice.
  • Understanding how to recognise signs of vicarious trauma, compassion fatigue and apply self-care strategies.
  • Understanding the role of the community in preventing and healing trauma and supporting people where necessary to access additional appropriate services/specific specialist therapeutic interventions.


Trauma Training Enhanced Practice Training Courses

Level 3 Trauma Enhanced Trauma Practice

26 Jun - 27 Jun
Wed 09:30 - 16:00
From £200.00

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