Overview and Purpose

The one-day vicarious trauma and self-care course is led by our psychologists who are trained supervisors and promotes the concept that personal and professional wellbeing is central to trauma informed practice delivery. This Heal The Healers Training Course is specifically designed for two options: those staff working with people victims who have experienced trauma; and managers supporting staff who deliver the service. We facilitate a safe space to understand the impact of stress, self-care, compassion fatigue and building knowledge and skills to promote wellbeing.

The training approach is strengths based and delivered to accommodate all learning styles. It draws from the latest resiliency and wellbeing research and the aim is to increase practitioner self- awareness and build skills to help maintain personal wellbeing.

This training is provided to progress and promote positive workforce wellbeing and achieve the Scottish Government national vision: to create a trauma informed and responsive workforce in Scotland.

Learning Outcomes

  • To gain a clear understanding of what is meant by vicarious trauma and self-care through a neurobiological and neurophysiological lens (our brains and body).
  • To recognise possible signs of (dis) stress and exploring obstacles to self-care
  • To consider dealing with the impact of disclosure and debrief (practitioner and manager).
  • Understanding our regulation through the window of tolerance.
  • To develop practical grounding and regulation techniques for ourself and be able to co-regualte and hold the space with people in distress (victims and staff)
  • To understand the Drama Triangle and building a winners triangle through a compassionate lens.
  • To practising good self-care and adopting resilience-based approaches and develop a personal wellbeing plan.

Heal The Healers Training

Heal The Healers Training Courses

Heal the Healers Wellbeing Course

31 Dec
Tue 09:30 - 16:00
From £100.00

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