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Trauma, a deeply distressing experience with long-lasting psychological and emotional repercussions, knows no boundaries of age, gender, or background. Epione Trauma Training in Edinburgh services recognises the complexities and widespread impact of trauma, offering comprehensive support to prepare professionals in responding to such situations.

In recent times, there has been a heightened awareness of trauma’s profound effects on individuals and society as a whole. Organisations have acknowledged the importance of providing trauma-informed care to those affected, leading to an increasing demand for trauma training courses. Epione, as an industry-leading provider, serves Edinburgh, Scotland and the United Kingdom, boasting a diverse portfolio of training and consultancy options.



With a proven track record in fostering lasting trauma-informed practices and culture, Epione caters to organisations of any size, addressing personnel needs and offering tailored solutions. Epione is fuelled by a deep passion for sharing knowledge, skills, and best practices. Specialising in a wide array of inspirational trauma training courses, Epione covers all levels outlined in the Transforming Psychological Trauma: A Knowledge and Skills Framework for the Scottish and UK Workforce. With Epione, professionals can acquire the necessary expertise to navigate the complex realm of trauma, promoting healing and resilience.

Experience the transformative power of Epione’s trauma training as we empower professionals across Edinburgh and beyond.

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Fostering Growth, Resilience, and Connection: Epione’s Trauma-Informed Training for Post-Adversity Empowerment

Epione’s trauma-informed training encompasses a wide spectrum, ranging from NES Level 1 to Trauma-Informed Leadership programs. NES Level 1 equips participants with the understanding of person-centered interactions that prevent further harm and aid in the recovery from trauma and adversity. On the other hand, Trauma-Informed Leadership training guides organisations in charting their course towards establishing a culture of trauma-informed and trauma-responsive practices.

Our training courses can be tailored as either “open registration” or “closed in-house” sessions, catering to specific teams or services. Epione employs diverse learning and teaching styles, such as small group discussions, experiential reflection, multimedia methods, and both in-person and online learning inputs. These highly participative sessions integrate case studies and live examples, ensuring practical applicability. Crucially, Epione also focuses on “training the trainer,” empowering participants to confidently utilise the acquired tools in their workplace. This approach fosters informative, enjoyable, and engaging training experiences, resulting in a trauma-informed and responsive practice that improves outcomes.

Experience the transformative power of Epione’s comprehensive training, empowering individuals and organisations to make a lasting difference in trauma support and recovery.

Accredited Training Recognised by Experts

Epione takes pride in its training courses, which are approved by the prestigious British Psychological Society. Moreover, our face-to-face training delivery has undergone rigorous independent evaluations conducted by Griesbach & Associates and Community Justice Edinburgh. Epione has also independently evaluated its online training, revealing highly positive learning outcomes and significant changes in practice. Trust in Epione’s accredited and evaluated training to enhance your knowledge and drive meaningful transformations in professional practice.

Driving Effective Healing and Recovery: Epione’s Commitment to Quality Trauma Training

The level and quality of training directly impact our ability to assist traumatised individuals in their healing and recovery journey. Epione recognises the crucial significance of providing high-quality trauma training courses, and this dedication is reflected in our meticulous course evaluations. Epione’s courses undergo independent evaluations by esteemed leaders in social research and evaluation, including Griesbach & Associates, Community Justice Edinburgh, and The Lines Between.

These evaluations serve as a testament to Epione’s unwavering commitment to rigorous quality assurance, ensuring the delivery of exceptional learning experiences for all attendees. Trust Epione to provide the highest standard of trauma training, fostering effective healing, and empowering individuals to recover with resilience.

Compassionate Training for Trauma Support: Epione’s Commitment to Excellence

Dealing with trauma necessitates a compassionate and empathetic approach. Epione deeply recognises the significance of offering high-quality trauma training courses that equip professionals with the essential knowledge and skills to effectively support individuals who have experienced trauma. Approved by the esteemed British Psychological Society, our training courses undergo independent evaluations by experts in social research and evaluation. This ensures that Epione consistently delivers excellence, empowering professionals to provide compassionate care and make a positive impact in the lives of trauma survivors.

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Ensuring Excellence: Trauma Training Courses with Quality Assurance in Edinburgh

Epione is a highly esteemed and impactful provider of trauma training courses in Edinburgh. With a wide-ranging portfolio of training and consultancy options, we have established a proven track record in fostering enduring trauma-informed practices and cultures, making us the preferred choice for organisations of all sizes.

With our industry-leading training courses approved by experts and backed by independent evaluations, Epione is committed to delivering unparalleled learning experiences that aid in the healing and recovery of individuals affected by trauma. If you aim to enhance your organisation’s trauma-informed practices and skills, Epione is your ideal partner.

Our consultancy services are tailored to your needs, offering on-site support to establish optimal training courses and implement best practices in your workplace. Trust Epione to guide you on the path to creating a safe and supportive environment for trauma recovery and awareness across your team.

Here at Epione, our vision is clear:

to Create a Trauma Informed and Responsive Scotland and beyond.

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